Condition Monitoring

The process of monitoring specific machine conditions, such as vibration or temperature, to identify change which indicates a significant fault.

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Our objective

Vibration monitoring is the technology of measuring vibration characteristics such as amplitude, frequency and velocity at specific machine locations to assist us in identifying abnormal conditions in your rotating machinery.  Vibration problems can originate from design, installation, set up, in-service wear and/or maintenance (or lack of).

Vibration analysis when applied correctly can be used to monitor the following conditions on rotating equipment: Unbalance of rotating parts, Shaft misalignment, Loose parts/components, Resonance frequencies which could be attributed to structural issues, bearing wear, Coupling wear, etc.

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 Our experience

CISQO has vast experience in offering condition monitoring services both onshore and offshore. Our experience has seen us work in sectors such as Power Generation, Pharmaceutical Industry, Oil and Gas Sector and Food and Beverage with our key aim being to liaise closely with the client, offering them a specific programme they require for their site which benefits them.


We encourage regular monthly meetings to discuss ongoing site work, change in production, remedial work carried out or due, work orders raised from report CISQO have delivered. This allows everyone involved in the process to be aware of progress.

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 Our process

Vibration data is collected by CISQO engineer whilst carrying out thorough visual inspection during the survey. Once data has been successfully collected then uploaded, analyses are carried out and sent to the customer in the report (PDF document and hard copy).

Our on call (24/7) engineers carry out vibration analysis surveys on problematic assets, in situ balancing of out of balance fans, in house balancing in our machine workshop (all rotors/impellers/fans balanced to G1), shaft alignment and also thermography surveys.

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We support sites in making the best maintenance decisions, reducing unwanted downtime. 

Our expert onshore/offshore consultants achieve this using the latest cutting-edge equipment.

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